Preventing Roof Damage from Snow

The winter season can be a great time to relax and spend a much needed break with your friends and family.  Although the holidays are a magical time of year the quick drop in temperature means that the snow is coming or may already be here.  This maybe a good thing for your kids that are hoping for snow days and opportunities to get the sled out this year, but it can also be damaging on your home, and roof.  There are several steps that you as a homeowner can take to access the need of having snow removal to avoid roof damage this holiday season. 

Step 1:

The layout of your roof can determine the likelihood of snow accumulation there.  The higher degree of slant to your roof the less likely snow will build up.  If your roof is closer to a flat design then you are greater risk for roof damage.

Step 2:

Most roofs can withhold a lot of weight however several factors can affect this statement.  The age of the roof, and the quality of materials used will affect how well it holds up during the winter.  Spend some time researching the quality of your roof and estimate the weight that it will be able to withstand.  Don’t forget that snow may seem like a light powder however when it accumulates it can get very heavy.

Step 3:

Many of us don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring a snow removal company to take care of the snow on our roofs. In the long run it may be worth your while and you will save a lot of money in the end.


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