Planning your project now gives advantage

Though the Spring is about a month away, getting a head start on your project planning will do more benefit than harm. We tend to postpone activities based on priority; but if creating a new backyard, patio, deck, or any other landscape changes is something you want to do this year, it’s never too early to begin thinking about your dream design.

Start off with recording your ideas, create a wish list of what you desire to have done this season. Next, create a vision board based off of an image you saw online that inspires you, or a color scheme you would like to have. A final note is your budget; how much are you willing to spend on this project and why? Be realistic about what you can provide so when you move onto the consulting phase that you have a broad idea of what you want done and how much you can contribute to it.

The next phase is contacting us for consulting. We’re here to listen to your ideas, wishes, and needs to come up with a personalized project plan that works for you. This service is free, no strings attached. We also scope out the area you want designed to get a better idea of the square footage involved. Once we create a plan, we begin to schedule out the process of your personal project.

Here is where a key advantage of planning ahead helps with your project: you have more options than everyone else behind you. You become our first priority of the year. You can ensure that when the sun and warmth return to the midwest extensively, that your outdoor landscape will be one of the finest in your community.

It’s never too early to begin taking note of your ideas and to allow us to help you achieve your outdoor goals. Contact us now at our website or by calling 513-232-1220

Photo Credit: Uncommon Designs 

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