Help your Patio survive the winter months

Our patios are our pride in the warm months of the year. But what do we do to protect our outdoor spaces from
frozen rain, snow, or hail?

1. Before you do anything, ensure all of your pieces are dry and remove all dirt stains to prevent possible mold. Remove rust from metal pieces with a wired brush.

2. Spray protective coating on all pieces to keep your furniture looking ‘just like new.

3. Place your fragile items indoors to prevent possible cracks.

4. Separate the cushions from the seats. Cover all of your furniture pieces with waterproof covers.

Note: When you use covers, ensure there are weights keeping them in place, or use elastic/drawstrings. With winds 20mph, the covers might blow away.

5. Put your cushions indoors. If you have space, also put all of your furniture items indoors. If possible, stack your chairs to save space.

6. If your Patio is on or at the bottom a ramp, create a barrier that will prevent outside materials (such as mulch) sliding into that area.

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