Why Pavers are worth the investment

Though concrete is commonly used for patios, driveways, and walkways due to the cheaper cost and low maintenance, pavers are a better investment for your home in the long run.

First, pavers have a longer durability with mother nature. Earthquakes, erosion, temperature, and other seasonal affects cause damage and deep cracks to concrete; destroying that smooth even surface. This leaves room for weeds and moss to nest homes in. Repairs of course can be made, but the surface becomes uneven, as if a piece of tape was used to keep a paper together. Also, If the damage was severe and you would want to replace it, it would become a challenge due to the permanence of the material.

This brings us to our next support of pavers; adaptability and customization. Pavers allow the imagination to run free with architectural designs and layouts. If you decided to give a different feel in your backyard, you could change the arrangement without completely demolishing your outdoor layout. If you plan to ever sell your home, a beautiful driveway and backyard is going to have a much higher resale value than eroded and cracked concrete.

The in-between option of the two is stamped concrete. It is an attempt to have that customization of color and shape while also saving time and budget. The issue is that though it gives a “pavers feel”; it’s smooth perfection will be damaged by mother nature. Cracking in concrete is impossible to avoid, even stamped, due to the constant change in seasonal temperatures. Once replaced, the specific tint of the new concrete will not match that of the old one; creating an entirely new job. In conclusion, though pavers involve more investment, it is worth budgeting your time, energy, and money for. The results of your backyard will be personally customized to your taste and last throughout your lifetime.

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