4 Simple Tasks to do Before Winter

During the winter months, people typically do not inspect the outside of their houses. Do not let those problem areas build up. Take a weekend and do these 4 easy tasks before winter comes in full force!

1.) Inspect your home’s exterior walls.
Look for possible weather-related damage, like cracks and anything loose.

2.) Maintain your gutters and inspect roof.
Remove all debris from your gutters to prevent damage to your entire house. Consider installing “gutter guards,” which will prevent debris from entering the gutter. Check roof for any loose shingles.


3.) Trim your trees and remove dead branches.
Rough winter weather can cause weak trees or branches to break and damage your home, car, power lines, or even a passerby. Keep an eye out for any hazardous signs and call a professional tree service.


4.) Maintain your steps and handrails.
Repair broken stairs and banisters to prevent falls and injury that slippery ice can cause.

Source: National Association of Home Builders

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